I got to work with great folks.  Some of them have taken time to express kind thoughts about my work. 

JANAI MESTROVICH:  I was in need of head shots that would get the attention of agents and producers in the television commercial industry.  I hired George Rubaloff Photography, a company based in Ashland, Oregon.  From the beginning George was very service-oriented.  He took time to understand my needs; then he designed a studio lighting approach to create a bright, pure white background so that I would visually pop in the photo. George did a superb job of drawing out my sassy, serious, fun, and comtemplative expressions that I wanted to project in the photographs.  I love the photos that we made during the session.  He made me look good!  I couldn't be happier with the photos and I'm getting great feedback from others who seem them.  Aside from this George is encouraging, patient, kind and conscientious.  When the need arises I will hire George again.

CHRISTOPHER GONZALEZ, REGIONAL MANAGER M MOTEL CORPORATION:  I hired George Rubaloff Photography to take interior and exterior photographs for Ashland Motel for use on the company's website.  It was a pleasure doing business with George.  He was flexible, his turnaround was quick and the pictures are great!

DEIDRE AND GREG CRABTREE, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA:  George photographed our wedding on July 11, 2014.  We could not have chosen someone better to work with!  George was friendly, flexible, and very accomodating.  He repeatedly went out of his way to meet our needs and kept everyone happy and comfortable in front of the camera.  His pictures were striking, creative, and caught so many tender moments.  I would highly recommend him as a photographer! 

EMILY AND JARVIS CAFFREY, 2014 WEDDING CLIENTS:  These images are fantastic!  George, you truly captured the magical feeling of Alyssa and Dan's Wedding Day.  Excellent job and we all enjoyed working with you.  Thank you so much!         

KIRBY SHAW, DIRECTOR OF JEFFERSON STATE CHORAL COALITION AT SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY:  I have been most impressed by the camera work of George Rubaloff. Over the years he has photographed our singers in concert and creatively captured us in action. George is a singer as well. Maybe this is the reason his choral photography is so well informed from a musical standpoint...his pictures are clear, focussed and in-the-moment at all times...exactly what we were looking for! I highly recommend George to you.

MICHELLE AND MIKE HOWARD, 2013 WEDDING CLIENTS:  My husband and I hired George Rubaloff to photograph our wedding in Yreka. George showed up several days early to observe the grounds for our outdoor wedding.  The day of the wedding he was there several hours early to make sure he would get the perfect shots. Working with George was wonderful, he is kind, easy to get along with, great at what he does and very responsible.  Our wedding pictures are beautiful!  We will always remember George and enjoy our special day. Thank you George, keep up the good work.

ROSALIND SCHRODT, DIRECTOR OF MOMENT IN TIME DANCE COMPANY OF ASHLAND: George Rubaloff photographed a dance performance and produced shots that were beautiful and clear.  I believe his understanding of music enabled him to create perfect pictures of my work.  While working he blended into the theatre and was careful not to distract the audience.  George's joy and enthusiasm was evident during the shoot and throughout his post work.  I'm pleased with the results of George's work and I plan to use the photographs that he created for our publicity next year.

ERIN O'KELLEY MUCK, WEB DESIGNER, RUBY SLIPPER DESIGNS:  George is fabulous on every level!  His photographic eye is honed and his creations are superb.  He is attentive to details, and makes sure that his photos are flawless.  I have had the enormous pleasure of working with George on many Websites:  Standing Stone Brewing Company, Louie's Restaurant and Bar, Sweet Desire Bakery, Milagros Fresh Mexican.  His subject matter spans a wide gamut -- from candid people shots , to wide-angle settings, to detailed close-ups.  And of course, food.  It's hard to photograph food, but George is masterful!  Plus, his photos have the hazard of making me extremely hungry.  Not only is George talented, but one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I give my highest recommendations for George's work.

HEIDI CHACKEL, CO-OWNER/EDITOR SOUTHERN OREGON MAGAZINE: George was kind enough to provide a handful of photos for a story that ran in Southern Oregon Magazine.  I was so impressed with his work that I have since contracted him for each issue of Southern Oregon Magazine over the past few years.  He is very easy to work with and makes my job easier with the initiative he takes from the first conversation to the end of a project.  I look forward to many more years of collaboration!

MOLLY HOLMAN, ASHLAND, OREGON:  During the Spring of 2012, I hired George Rubaloff specifically to handle candid photography at our wedding ceremony and party.  He turned his work around promptly and we love the candid nature of the photographs.  George captured the essence of so many of our friends and family.  I would hire George again without hesitation and recommend him wholeheartedly.  He is easy to work with and a talented photographer...he's sensitive, fun, enjoyable and a person whom I enjoyed having as part of our special gathering.

ALEX AMAROTICOSTANDING STONE BREWING COMPANY., ASHLAND, OREGON: George is extremely professional and easy to work with, and a terrific photographer with a passion for his work and his clients. He's has a great eye for catching the perfect shot that expresses just what we want and he's really helped us enhance our visual communications. His photographs add impact that makes a difference on our website and materials, and presents a strong, compelling image that really represents what we're all about.

STEPHANIE FRIEDMAN, SWEET DESIRE VEGAN BAKERY & CONFECTIONERY:  George is a pleasure to with.  He is prompt, professional, fun, flexible, and has a great eye and creative ideas for shots.  I feel like my website shines due to his wonderful photos.  I would certainly hire him to shoot my bakery products again, as well as any other future event. 

GINA, DuQUENNE, PRESIDENT/FOUNDER OF SOUTHERN OREGON PRIDE:  George Rubaloff Photography created colorful, useful photos that will be used for a website display of our 2010 parade event in Ashland Oregon.  We appreciate his cooperative spirit and photographic skills, and, we look forward to future photo compositions that he will create for the organization.

ARLIS DUNCAN, CO-PRODUCER of EXPLORE SOUTHERN OREGON:  George Rubaloff Photography created a useful collection of photographs that are displayed on the Explore Southern Oregon website.   I appreciate Mr. Rubaloff’sprofessionalism, diligence and keen eye for photographing the beauty of Southern Oregon and look forward to photos that he will create for us in the future.

IVAN DE JESUS AND ILEANA CINTRON, LUQUILLO, PUERTO, RICO:  In February 2011 George Rubaloff captured the special moments of our marriage ceremony at Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico with beautiful photographs.  We particularly like how Mr. Rubaloff took great care to show the love and warmth of our marriage vows.  Our family will cherish those photographs for many years.

HUGH HAGUE, OWNER, NOAH'S WILDERNESS ADVENTURES, INC.:  I recently had the opportunity to contract the photography services of Mr. George Rubaloff.  George worked very closely with me to determine my goals of the project and maintained professionalism throughout the entire process.  The end product far exceeded my expectations and will undoubtedly allow me to meet my marketing goals in the future."  I highly recommend George Rubaloff Photography to anyone who desires the chance to work with a true professional.

DEBORAH GORDON, RACE DIRECTOR FOR THE ANNUAL SISKIYOU CHALLENGE (SOUTHERN OREGON’S PREMIER MULTI-SPORT RELAY RACE:  George Rubaloff Photography generously contributed images to Siskiyou Challenge, an annual, 46-mile, four-sport, five-leg multi-sport relay race.  Our fun, community event was created to support sustainable agriculture, namely the Rogue Valley Farm to School Program.  The event requires a vast community effort and we appreciate Mr. Rubaloff’s photo work that was used specifically for the 2011 sponsorship request letter now in circulation.  We are eager to use more ofhis work in the future!

HUMBERTO SAAVEDRA, OWNER/OPERATOR OF HOTEL BELGICA, PONCE, PUERTO RICO: In 2011, I hired George Rubaloff Photography to create a small library of photos of the Hotel Belgica, a significant landmark located in the Historic District of Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Mr. Rubaloff worked diligently to develop photo perspectives that I did not know were possible and those images have gone a long way to illustrate the neoclassical style of my 19th-century hotel in the glorious setting of Ponce.   Mr. Rubaloff and I connected immediately, have become friends, and he continues to provide consultation to me on how best to use these photos for the benefit of my enterprise.  I look forward to a time when Mr. Rubaloff can return to Ponce to visit and to do more of his photo work on site.

BRANDON SCHILLING, WASTE MGT COORDINATOR FOR STANDING STONE BREWING COMPANY, ASHLAND, OREGON:  George is fun to work with, and willing to go the extra mile to get good shots.  He is receptive to visions and does a great job in inspiring fresh aspects and ideas for photo opportunities.

DANIELLE AMAROTICO, CO-OWNER AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER FOR STANDING STONE BREWING COMPANY, ASHLAND, OREGON:  George is consistently timely, organized and pleasant to work with.  His photography has elevated the look ande feel or our restaurant and brewery.  George has become an extended part of our Standing Stone family.

RACHEL KONING, EVENTS COORDINATOR FOR STANDING STONE BREWING COMPANY, ASHLAND, OREGON:  George has  created and frequently updates an immense photo library for the Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland, Oregon.  We proudly share George's photographs via our website, social media, menu and media publications.  We're thrilled with his talent for representing our business in a professional and creative way.

MELISSA JENSEN, OWNER/OPERATOR OF LOUIE'S RESTAURANT AND BAR, ASHLAND, OREGON:  I contracted with George Rubaloff Photography to create the "Heart of Louie's," a photographic library that will, in part, serve the content of the restaurant's new website. George's work will be coupled with the superb skills and abilities of Erin O'Kelley Muck of Ruby Slipper Website Designs.  I'm thankful that George is working on this photo project. His professionalism, work ethic, creative abilities and technical knowledge are precisely what I need to bring this dynamic restaurant business to life in photographic form.  Besides all of that, it is a joy to have George work for us.